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Phoenix Internet Sex Crimes AttorneyHave you been arrested for an internet sex crime in Phoenix, AZ? Sex crimes are treated very harshly under Arizona law, but cyber crimes may also be a federal offense. When you are facing serious criminal charges, you deserve the best legal defense possible to protect your freedom and good name.

For more than 33 years, Orent Law Offices has represented residents in Maricopa County charged with sex crimes, internet crimes, and federal offenses. Contact our law office for a free consultation with a Phoenix internet sex crimes attorney to discuss how we can help you.

How Orent Law Offices Can Help if You’re Arrested for Internet Sex Crimes in Phoenix

Online sex crimes are among the most serious criminal offenses in Arizona. If you were arrested for a crime involving a minor, you can expect an aggressive prosecution to seek the maximum penalties and potentially consecutive sentences. You deserve a Phoenix criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights and freedom.

Orent Law Offices will give you the sound legal defense you deserve. Founding attorney Craig Orent is a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and a Certified Criminal Law Specialist. He has more than three decades of experience successfully defending clients charged with serious sex offenses in Phoenix, Arizona.

Choose Orent Law Offices to represent you and we will:

  • Offer insightful legal advice, guidance, and support to help you make informed decisions at every step of your case
  • Investigate whether your rights were violated and seek suppression of evidence in your case
  • Work with specialists in many fields to dispute the evidence against you
  • Conduct a thorough investigation to gather exculpatory evidence
  • Seek the best possible outcome in your case including a plea deal, dismissal of the charges, or reduced charges
  • Fight for an acquittal if your case goes to court

You do not have to face these serious charges alone. An internet sex crime conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. Contact our law firm today for a free case review with a Phoenix criminal defense attorney prepared to give you the best legal representation possible.

Overview of Internet Sex Crimes in Arizona

Internet sex crimes involve two types of criminal offenses: internet crimes and sex crimes. A sex crime in Arizona refers to all types of criminal offenses related to sexual behavior and sexual acts usually punishable under state law. An internet or cyber crime refers to an offense that occurs over the internet or is aided by digital technology. Thus, an internet sex crime can refer to a broad range of sexual offenses that occur online.

It’s important to understand that, once a crime occurs online, it often violates federal law. This means you can face state and/or federal charges for internet sex crimes.

Orent Law Offices represents clients who have been charged with all types of internet sex offenses. The following are some of the most common types of online sex crimes.

Solicitation of a Minor or Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation

In Arizona, online solicitation of a minor is a serious criminal offense. Solicitation of a minor, even online, is considered “luring a minor for sexual exploitation.” ARS §13-3554 defines this crime as offering or soliciting sexual conduct with someone else knowing or with reason to know they are a minor. You may be charged with this crime for asking for an explicit photo, for instance.

It is not a defense if the other person is not actually a minor. If you had reason to believe they were a minor, regardless of their actual age, you may be convicted of soliciting a minor.

Online solicitation of a minor is a Class 3 felony. However, if the offense involved an actual minor who was under 15, it is classified as a Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC) offense.

Luring a minor for sexual exploitation can be enhanced or aggravated if you sent a sexually explicit video or image to a minor.

Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography

Child pornography is one of the most serious internet sex crimes in Arizona. Child pornography is defined under ARS §13-3553 as sexual exploitation of a minor. This statute makes it a Class 2 felony to knowingly possess, record, or distribute any visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexual conduct.

You can be convicted for possessing or sharing even a single explicit photo of a minor. You can also be sentenced for each image or video, with your sentences running consecutively.

Revenge Porn

Arizona enacted a “revenge porn” law in 2016. This law makes it a felony to intentionally share sexual videos or photos of someone without their permission with the intention of intimidating, harassing, or harming them. It is a Class 4 felony if the person can be recognized and a Class 5 felony if they cannot be identified.

What Are the Penalties for Internet Sex Crimes in Phoenix, Arizona?

The penalties for criminal conviction of internet sex crimes depend a great deal on the type of offense, the age of the alleged victim, and prior criminal history. The following are penalties you may face for common sex offenses that occur online.

The penalties for revenge porn depend on the felony class.

  • Class 4 felony: up to 3.75 years in prison
  • Class 5 felony: up to 2.5 years in prison

You may be convicted of a misdemeanor for even threatening to disclose sexual images or revenge porn. In this case, you face up to 6 months in jail. If the revenge porn depicted a former or current spouse, roommate, or dating partner, it may even qualify as domestic violence with additional penalties.

Solicitation of a minor is a Class 3 felony, and conviction may lead to:

  • Probation with no jail time, up to 12 months in jail, or a prison sentence of 2 to 8.75 years
  • With one historical prior felony conviction, the prison sentence can be increased to 3.5 to 16.25 years
  • With two historical prior convictions, the prison sentence can be increased to 7.5 to 25 years

Aggravated solicitation of a minor comes with enhanced penalties if the solicitation also involved sending the minor a sexually explicit video or image. This is commonly known as “sexting.” This conviction increases the penalty to up to 12.5 years for a first offense if the minor was 15 to 17. If the minor was under 15, the sentence is enhanced to 10 to 24 years.

Note that solicitation can become a DCAC offense with enhanced penalties if the victim was under 15.

Child pornography carries even harsher penalties. Possession of each image or video is considered a separate crime in Arizona. You can be sentenced consecutively for every single photo or image you possess or share. The sentence will depend on whether you have prior convictions and the age of the minor.

If the minor was 15 to 17, you can be sentenced to the following for each image:

  • 3 to 12.5 years for a first offense
  • 4.5 to 23.25 years for a second offense
  • 10.5 to 35 years for a third or subsequent offense

If the victim was under 15, you will face at least 10 years in prison.

Because sentences run consecutively for each image, you can be sentenced to 100 consecutive years in prison if you are convicted of possessing or distributing 10 images of a minor under 15.

Penalties for Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC)

If you are convicted of a Dangerous Crimes Against Children (DCAC) sex offense, you can receive enhanced sentencing. Solicitation of a minor under 15 and child pornography involving a minor under 15 are both DCAC offenses.

You face the following enhanced sentences.

  • Solicitation of a minor under 15: 5 to 15 years in prison with a 10-year presumptive sentence
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor under 15: 10 to 24 years in prison with a presumptive 17-year sentence

These penalties are further enhanced with a prior predicate felony, including a prior DCAC or certain other serious felonies. In this case, the presumptive sentence for solicitation of a minor under 15 is increased from 10 to 15 years.

Conviction of a DCAC offense requires that 100% of your prison sentence be served before you are eligible for release. If you are convicted of two counts, your sentences must run consecutively.

Sex Offender Registration

In addition to a potentially lengthy jail or prison sentence for an internet sex crime, you may also be required to be registered as a sex offender. This requirement can potentially continue for the rest of your life.

Conviction of a DCAC offense, including solicitation of a minor under 15, requires sex offender registration for life. You can even be prohibited from having contact with anyone under the age of 18, including your own children.

Because the penalties for internet sex crimes are so harsh, especially when they involve minors, it’s crucial to consult with experienced Phoenix sex crime attorneys as soon as possible.

What Defenses Can Be Raised if I’m Accused of Internet Sex Crimes?

Criminal defense lawyers may help you defend yourself in many ways.

Depending on the type of offense and circumstances, you may have many defenses available such as:

  • No intent to follow through with a sexual act. This is a critical defense as the alleged minor’s real age (even if an adult) is not a defense to solicitation of a minor. The prosecution must prove you intended to engage in sexual conduct with someone under 18.
  • You had no reason to believe the alleged victim was a minor. The alleged victim’s actual age is not a defense, but the crime of luring a minor requires knowing or having reason to believe the person is a minor. If you had no reason to suspect you were speaking with a minor, you may have a defense. This may be true if they stated they were an adult, used fake profile pictures, or otherwise created a false identity.
  • Mistaken identity. Your defense may be that you were not the person who downloaded or shared child pornography. This may be the case if you used a shared computer or live in shared housing.
  • Mistaken or accidental download. There must be intent to be convicted of child pornography. Sometimes charges result when someone mistakenly downloads child pornography that they expected to portray adults.
  • Constitutional violations. If you were the victim of illegal search and seizure, police coercion to make self-incriminating statements, or you were denied access to legal counsel, evidence obtained against you can be suppressed.

When you are facing a serious internet sex crime, you need a serious sex crime defense. Contact Orent Law Offices as soon as possible to begin building the vigorous legal defense you need.

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An internet sex crime conviction can change your life, particularly if an alleged minor was involved. You may face years in prison, multiple consecutive sentences, and mandatory sex offender registration. You deserve the best legal defense possible to fight for your freedom.

Contact Orent Law Offices today for a free consultation with an experienced Phoenix internet sex crimes attorney. We will help you explore your best defense options and fight the charges you are facing.

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