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Phoenix Sex Crimes LawyerThe skilled criminal defense attorneys at Orent Law Offices have been helping for many years their clients. If you have been accused of rape, sexual assault, or any other sexual offense, and need someone to help you, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Phoenix sex crimes defense lawyers at (480) 656-7301.

Craig has over 33 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. We are here to protect you, and we know that your future is on the line if you’ve been accused of committing a sex crime. Even the mere accusation that you committed a sex crime can have a devastating impact on your life. An experienced attorney can help you minimize the fallout.

If you even suspect you are being investigated for committing a sex crime, call us immediately. Do not talk to the police. Do not try to explain your “side of the story.” The police have one goal in mind, to get information they can use against you. Call us today.

How Orent Law Offices Can Help You Fight Sex Crimes Charges in Phoenix, AZ

The penalties for a sex crimes conviction are extremely severe. Phoenix, AZ, like the rest of the country, takes sex crime allegations very seriously. You need a Phoenix criminal lawyer with a proven track record of successfully helping clients beat criminal charges.

If you have been accused of committing a sex crime, don’t put your life into the hands of an inexperienced defense attorney. Craig Orent has real experience successfully defending real clients before a judge and jury. With more than three decades’ experience fighting to protect clients’ rights, he knows the strategies that can work to get sex crime charges dismissed or downgraded.

When you hire Mr. Orent, you can rest assured that you are hiring a lawyer with a proven track record of winning when it counts the most. Your future and your freedom are our top priority.

We Fight All Types of Sex Crimes Charges in Phoenix, AZ

Sex crimes in Phoenix range from relatively minor misdemeanor offenses to serious, life-changing felony charges. Sexual conduct with a minor is one of the most serious types of sex offenses that you can be charged with.

We have the experience to defend against all types of sex crimes. At Orent Law Offices, our defense team represent clients charged with:

If you have been accused of any type of sex crime, call our office for a free initial consultation today.

What are the Penalties for Sex Crimes in Arizona?

Arizona criminalizes a broad range of conduct related to things that are sexual in nature. The penalties in Phoenix can range from probation and community service to substantial prison time and a lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

Upon conviction, you will also have to deal with the societal stigma that attaches to anyone accused of committing a sex crime. Sex crime allegations can damage your personal relationships and jeopardize certain professional licenses. Our skilled defense lawyer at Orent Law Offices examines every angle of your case.

Protecting your interests is our number one priority regardless of the type of sex crime involved. Mr. Orent and our legal team are well-equipped to handle any type of sex crime charges, so call for a free initial consultation today.

Sexual Assault

Under Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1406, sexual assault means engaging in sexual acts without the other person’s consent. In Arizona, sexual assault is the legal term for rape. Sexual assault may be a class 2 felony and can be aggravated or mitigated depending upon the circumstances. Presumptive minimum and maximum prison sentences apply. Those presumptive sentences are increased by three years if the defendant administered certain “date rape” drugs without the victim’s consent.

Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1423 elevates the penalties for aggravated, or violent, sexual assault. If the prosecution can prove the defendant knowingly or intentionally inflicted serious physical injury, life in prison may be on the table.

Child Pornography

A defendant can be charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, or child pornography, under Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3553 for knowingly:

  • Recording, filming, photographing or creating any other visual format showing a minor engaged in sexual conduct
  • Distributing, selling, purchasing or otherwise transmitting sexually explicit material involving a minor

The state of Arizona makes sexual exploitation of a minor a class 2 felony if the minor involved is under the age of 15. Internet child pornography can also be a federal crime carrying up to 15 years in prison.

Indecent Exposure

Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1402 governs indecent exposure. Indecent exposure charges may apply if a person exposes his or her genitals or anus, or the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts, and another person is present. Charges can also apply if the defendant is reckless about whether the other person would reasonably be offended or alarmed by the act.

Indecent exposure is a sex crime that can be punished as a class 1 misdemeanor or a class 6 felony. If the person present is under age 15, felony charges apply. The crime can also be elevated based on prior convictions.

In the most serious cases, conviction could carry up to 15 years in prison.

Prostitution and Solicitation

Phoenix Code Section 23-52 makes it illegal to solicit a prostitute, offer an act of prostitution or commit prostitution. Public solicitation of a prostitute can also be inferred from the circumstances. For example, if the person repeatedly attempts to stop people passing by, charges may apply.

Prostitution in Phoenix, AZ is defined broadly. It includes just about any sexual activity performed for hire.

Child Molestation

Child molestation under Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1410 is a serious felony punishable under Arizona Revised Statutes 13-705. The prosecution can convict on child molestation charges if the defendant intentionally or knowingly engages in, or causes a person to engage in, sexual contact with a child under the age of 15.

If the child was under the age of 12, life imprisonment is possible. If life imprisonment is not imposed, the judge can impose a prison sentence of between 13 and 27 years.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

After conviction for certain sex crimes, sex offender registration requirements may apply under Megan’s Law. Violations under Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3821 and 13-3824. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the violation, you may face probation or significant prison time.

What Happens if I’m Convicted of a Sex Crime in Arizona?

Being convicted of a sex crime can change your life forever. Even after you have served your time and completed your punishment, the state of Arizona may impose sex offender registration requirements that last a lifetime. If you are convicted of a sex crime, you might face:

  • Significant prison time under rules that impose mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Prison without possibility of parole
  • Supervised parole after you are released from prison
  • Significant financial penalties
  • Lifetime sex offender registration requirements
  • Loss of certain types of professional licenses

When facing any type of sex offense charges, it’s important to hire an experienced Phoenix sex crimes attorney as soon as possible. The skill of your lawyer can be critical to protecting your freedom and your future.

As soon as you learn that you may be charged with a sex crime, call Orent Law Offices to discuss strategies for protecting your legal rights.

Sex Offender Registration Requirements: Megan’s Law

Registration requirements may apply if you were convicted of committing a sex crime or attempting to commit a sex crime. Every time you move, you will be required to notify local law enforcement. The sex offender registry can impact your ability to get a job or find a place to live.

The following general requirements apply:

  • If you live in Arizona, you must register with the county sheriff’s office within ten days of the conviction
  • If you change your address or name, you must inform the sheriff within ten days of entering the new county
  • If you move within a county, you must inform the sheriff (in person and in writing) of your new address (or name change)
  • If moving to a new county, you must both inform the sheriffs in both the county you are leaving and the county you are entering
  • You must get a new driver’s license every year

Violations of the sex offender registration rules are serious. If you are charged with violating Megan’s Law, the experienced Phoenix sex crimes defense attorneys at Orent Law Offices can help.

We’ll Fight For You If You’re Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in Phoenix

If you have been accused of committing a sex offense, you need a lawyer who is invested in protecting your legal rights. At Orent Law Offices, our legal team never relies solely upon the prosecution’s evidence. Rather, we conduct our own comprehensive investigation into what happened.

Our law firm will:

  • Investigate to locate any favorable evidence to support your defense
  • Advise you every step of the way, making sure you understand all available options in your case
  • Stand by your side during police questioning
  • Negotiate behind the scenes with the prosecutor in your case to get a better understanding of the case against you
  • Represent you aggressively in court and in discussions with the prosecution
  • Work closely with you to understand your goals and needs
  • Never pressure you to accept a plea bargain that is not in your best interests
  • Defend your rights through every step of the criminal process

Remember, it’s important to be proactive. You don’t have to wait for an arrest to take steps to protect your legal rights. An experienced sex crimes defense lawyer gets to work immediately to independently investigate your case.

Depending upon the facts, it may be possible to avoid criminal charges at all. To learn more about how Mr. Orent will fight to protect your future, call Orent Law Offices for a free initial consultation today.

Potential Defense Strategies to Sex Crimes Charges

A solid and persuasive defense strategy is key to minimizing the fallout if you have been accused of a sex crime. At Orent Law Offices, we know that every case is unique. We take the time to learn about what happened in your case—so that we can build a defense custom-tailored to the facts.

A strong defense strategy might include:

Evidentiary Challenges

The prosecution might use DNA and other scientific evidence to build a strong case for conviction. Despite this, even hard evidence can be challenged. Chain of custody problems or issues with the investigation can result in exclusion of evidence in your case.


Consent is a defense to crimes requiring the prosecution to prove a lack of consent. Many rape cases result in a he-said/she-said situation where each party presents a different story. A skilled lawyer can present evidence to support a defense of consent.


Mistaken identity and alibi defenses can be used to establish your innocence. Sex crimes cases can also involve situations where the alleged victim or a witness lied when providing their testimony. An experienced defense lawyer can uncover the witness’ motivations and present evidence to refute claims against you.

Constitutional Violations

The police and prosecutors must respect your constitutional rights regardless of the type of crime suspected. Illegal searches and seizures can provide grounds to have evidence excluded from consideration in your case. In some cases, insufficient evidence might even be grounds to have the charges dropped.

Miranda Violations

Contrary to popular opinion, your charges likely cannot be dismissed if the police fail to read your Miranda rights. However, any statements that you make can be excluded.

Regardless of the charges against you, the prosecution is required to prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. An experienced Phoenix sex crimes defense lawyer will gather every piece of evidence available to present your case in the most favorable light possible.

Mr. Orent has the experience needed to understand how to build the strong defense you need. Getting started quickly is important. Witnesses may forget what happened over time and valuable evidence might disappear. Mr. Orent is available and ready to start working to protect your rights today.

Should I Speak With the Police After a Sex Crimes Arrest?

Sex offenses are often serious and violent crimes. Because of this, prosecutors and police might act upon very little evidence. Speaking with the police without a lawyer in your corner is never a good idea.

You may be called in for interrogation based upon someone else’s false allegations. You probably won’t be aware of the extent of the evidence against you. Even if you are innocent, it is possible that you might say something to incriminate yourself.

You have a right to have an attorney present during questioning. It’s important to be polite to the police, but firm in asking to call your lawyer before answering any questions. Call Craig Orent at Orent Law Offices to get experienced, trusted legal help today.

Call Orent Law Offices to Speak With an Experienced Phoenix Sex Crimes Lawyer Today

When you have been accused of committing a sex crime, it might seem like the entire world is against you. An experienced Phoenix sex crimes lawyer will stand in your corner to defend your rights every step of the way. At Orent Law Offices, we understand the complexities involved in defending against sex crimes.

If you are accused or arrested for a false sexual abuse charge, including; public indecency, sexual indecency, luring a minor or children, public sexual misconduct, homicide, or any Arizona sex crime conviction, we recommend you search for legal representation as soon as possible.

Sex crime cases can have terrible consequences for you and your family, especially with a guilty verdict. Our team of experts has all the knowledge of the laws that can protect you, and we have years of experience in these practice area cases. Give us a call today for a free case evaluation and learn more about how we will fight to protect your rights.

Your initial consultation with our law firm is completely free and 100% confidential.

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