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What Are Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?

Posted on November 6, 2019 in Criminal Defense

Sometimes committing a criminal act can have consequences that persist even after your debt to society has been paid. In Arizona, crimes involving moral turpitude would fall under this category. These offenses do not refer to specific acts, but instead, are part of a group of crimes that are considered to have similar characteristics. Being convicted of these crimes can often affect your abi... Read more

How Can I Visit an Inmate at the Durango Jail?

Posted on November 1, 2019 in Criminal Defense

Incarceration can have a tremendous impact on personal relationships. If someone you know is serving a jail sentence, you may be wondering how this affects your ability to contact them. If you wish to visit an inmate in person, you must follow the specific rules of the particular jail, which can vary. The Durango Jail, an all-male minimum-securi... Read more

What Happens If I Skip Jury Duty?

Posted on October 25, 2019 in Criminal Defense

Did you get a notice in the mail that you've been picked for jury duty? Don't throw the notice in the trash. Even though it might be an inconvenience, you might have a legal obligation to show up at the courthouse. Skipping jury duty could carry some serious consequences. Here's what you need to know.

Ignoring a Jury Summons is a Crime

The jury notice you get in the mail isn't just a... Read more

What’s the Age of Consent in Arizona?

Posted on October 23, 2019 in Sex Crimes

It’s inevitable. When teens get older, their hormones start to rage. They’ll start dating and showing interest in romantic relationships. There’s no guarantee that they’ll date someone who’s the same age. Maybe your daughter is a high school freshman and starts dating a senior. Or, maybe she hits it off with a local college student who’s a couple of years older than her. What happens if they... Read more

Where Can You Legally Put Surveillance Cameras?

Posted on June 15, 2019 in Attorney Insights

Since the attacks in September 2001, the United States government has spent billions of dollars on security and surveillance cameras. The purpose of these cameras has been to prevent crime, while privacy advocates have created an uproar about the erosion of personal liberty. Surveillance and security cameras are also available on the public level for the same reasons; protection and security. S... Read more