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Phoenix Mail and Wire Fraud LawyerMail and wire fraud statutes are catch-all tools used by prosecutors to criminalize an incredibly wide range of activity. With so many actions prohibited, it can be difficult to know what is legal and what is not. Because of this, many unsuspecting, good people get charged with criminal fraud.

When you need a Phoenix mail and wire fraud lawyer, you need Arizona criminal defense lawyer Craig Orent. Attorney Orent has been fighting for clients accused of serious felony and misdemeanor crimes for 33+ years. When the chips are down, he has your back.

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How Can Orent Law Offices Help with Mail and Wire Fraud Charges in Phoenix?

How Can Orent Law Offices Help with Mail and Wire Fraud Charges in Phoenix?While police and prosecutors may not act like it, you are 100% innocent unless proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s easy to get caught on the wrong side of mail and wire fraud statutes without knowing it. Prosecutors won’t care whether you mean to break the law; all they want is a conviction.

You need a strong Phoenix criminal defense lawyer to level the playing field. Orent Law Offices has the experience you need on your side. Attorney Orent has been certified by the state of Arizona as a criminal law specialist, a distinction reserved for select lawyers with demonstrated expertise in the field.

Simply hiring our legal team sends a strong message to the government that you are taking this seriously, and that you will not let them get away with any funny business.

Some of the steps we may take in your case include:

  • Filing a reciprocal discovery demand for every piece of evidence against you
  • Asserting your right to remain silent
  • Retaining financial, accounting, and computer experts to help investigate the case
  • Arguing to have evidence thrown out of court if investigators violated your rights
  • Negotiating for a dismissal or reduction in charges
  • Taking the case to a jury trial if necessary

Sometimes uncovering exculpatory evidence (evidence of innocence) results in prosecutors dismissing the charges against you. Other times, we may be able to convince prosecutors to reduce the charges.

Get in touch with our team in Phoenix, Arizona, today to find out how we can help you. Our fraud defense team would love to begin fighting for you.

What is Mail and Wire Fraud in Arizona?

There are many different statutes that can be used to charge someone with mail and wire fraud in Arizona. Both state and federal law have provisions criminalizing fraud conducted through mail or electronic communications.

The main criminal statutes are:

Federal charges for mail and wire fraud have largely the same elements. The main difference is the means used to facilitate the fraud – mail versus electronic communications.

The basic elements of a federal mail or wire fraud charge are::

  1. The Defendant
  2. Knowingly used either the mail or interstate wire (electronic) communications
  3. To aid them in furthering
  4. A scheme to defraud someone of something of value

People are often confused on what constitutes wire communication. It does sound outdated, like a corded telephone or even a telegraph! However, in the legal system a “wire communication” includes any electronic communication device used on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

This could include email, chatrooms, social media messages, texts, or another form of telecommunication. Basically any interstate electronic communication in furtherance of a fraud could be prosecuted as wire fraud.

Mail and Wire Fraud in Phoenix

If you are charged with mail fraud or wire fraud in state court in Phoenix, you will likely be charged under the general fraud statute.

This crime has the following elements:

  1. You
  2. Through a fraudulent scheme
  3. Knowingly obtained something of value
  4. Through false representations, promises, or material omissions

Whether you are charged in state or federal court, Orent Law Offices is prepared to fight for you with everything we’ve got. Do not sit back and let investigators railroad you with false allegations. Contact our team so we can fight to prove your innocence.

What are the Penalties for Mail and Wire Fraud in Phoenix?

The penalties for mail and wire fraud in Phoenix are extremely serious. These crimes are classified as felonies in both the state and federal systems. A conviction for a Fraudulent Scheme or Artifice under Arizona law is a Class 2 Felony.

Class 2 Felonies are punishable by:

  • Three to 12 ½ years prison
  • Up to a $150,000 fine
  • Payment of restitution

Mail and wire fraud under federal law carry even more serious potential penalties if you are convicted. The possible penalties include:

  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • A $250,000 fine
  • Payment of restitution

Certain factors can greatly increase the penalties for fraud. For instance, defrauding a financial institution or defrauding the government of emergency or disaster relief funds can add ten additional years to a prison sentence. It can also increase the potential fine to a maximum of $1,000,000.

These serious criminal cases have become very common during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals are finding themselves charged with fraud after obtaining a PPP (paycheck protection program) loan or a different form of SBA (Small Business Administration) relief.

These loans come with a great deal of obscure terms and conditions, and failing to follow the terms can lead to federal charges for mail and wire fraud. With how complicated financial transactions and government programs have become, it is no wonder so many innocent people find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system.

Orent Law Offices will not sit back and let the government take advantage of you. The government often pursues mail and wire fraud cases to “make an example” of someone. Not on our watch. We believe that you deserve to be treated fairly, and we will fight your case as hard as we can.

What Defenses are Available to Mail and Wire Fraud Charges?

Every case is different, so no two cases will call for the same defense strategies. The allegations against you will require a unique defense theory.

That said, some of the following tactics may be relevant in mail fraud and wire fraud cases:

  • Showing that you had no intent to defraud anyone
  • Using experts to prove that any loss was due to negligence or mistake
  • Figuring out who is framing you for their fraud
  • Getting evidence suppressed due to unlawful searches under the Fourth Amendment
  • Having incriminating statements suppressed due to Fifth Amendment Miranda violations
  • Showing the state cannot prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt

Properly defending against criminal charges of wire fraud or mail fraud is extremely complicated, and you should not try to do this on your own. Saying or doing the wrong thing can ruin your whole case. It is crucial to hire experienced legal counsel like Craig Orent to protect your rights.

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