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Phoenix Mail and Wire Fraud LawyerHave you been arrested for robbery in Phoenix, AZ? Robbery is considered a serious violent crime. You are facing not only the loss of your freedom but potential sentence enhancements. You may feel overwhelmed, but you are innocent until proven guilty and deserve a robust legal defense to clear your name.

For over 33 years, Orent Law Offices has represented clients facing violent criminal charges in Arizona. Contact our law firm at (480) 656-7301 for a free initial consultation with a Phoenix robbery lawyer ready to give you the defense you deserve.

How Orent Law Offices Can Help if You’re Arrested for Robbery

Because robbery is a violent crime, you will face harsh prosecution, even for a first offense. Prosecutors are generally unforgiving and pursue prison time in violent crime cases. You deserve a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who will help you fight the charge.

Founding attorney Craig Orent, a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, is a Top 100 Trial Lawyer with decades of experience. He will put his reputation and legal insight to work for you to give you a zealous defense that leaves no stone unturned.

Choose Orent Law Offices to represent you in your Phoenix, Arizona robbery case, and we will:

  • Offer legal advice and guidance at every step of your case to help you make informed decisions about your options
  • Dispute the validity, procedures, and forensics of evidence used against you
  • Investigate whether your rights were violated to seek suppression of evidence
  • Work with specialists in many fields to weaken the prosecution’s case
  • Fight for a satisfactory conclusion to your case, such as a reduced charge, dismissal, acquittal, or plea deal
  • If the prosecution has a strong case, fight for the minimum penalties and alternatives to jail or prison

Call Orent Law Offices today for a free consultation with a Phoenix robbery lawyer to learn more about an attorney-client relationship.

Overview of Robbery in Arizona

Arizona laws consider robbery one of the most serious theft offenses. This is because it is not just considered a theft crime; it is also considered a violent crime and a “crime against a person.”

Arizona has three classifications of robbery charges, all of which are felonies.

Robbery in Phoenix

Under ARS §13-1902, a person commits robbery when they take property from someone else, or in their immediate presence, against their will. The person threatens or uses force with the intent to prevent resistance or coerce the surrender of their property.

This means there are several elements that must be met for a theft to be considered robbery:

  • You took property from someone else
  • The property was on the other person’s body or in their immediate presence
  • The property was taken against the owner’s will
  • Threats or force were used to prevent resistance or force surrender of the property

Robbery is a Class 4 felony in Arizona.

Aggravated Robbery

A robbery can become aggravated if, during a robbery, the offender is aided by at least one accomplice. This increases the charge to a Class 3 felony under ARS §13-1903.

Armed Robbery

The most serious robbery charge in Arizona is armed robbery. Under ARS §13-1904, someone has committed armed robbery if the offender or an accomplice is armed with a deadly weapon or a simulated weapon and uses or threatens the use of the weapon during the act. The mere simulation of a deadly weapon can trigger armed robbery charges.

Armed robbery is a Class 2 felony in Arizona. It is also classified as a “Dangerous Offense.” Under ARS § 13.704, Dangerous Offenses carry enhanced sentencing.

What Are the Penalties for Robbery in Phoenix, Arizona?

Because robbery is considered a serious violent crime, the penalties for a conviction can be harsh. The penalties you face for a robbery offense depend on the type of robbery and your previous criminal record.

If you are convicted of robbery, you may be sentenced to prison time, fines of $750 to $150,000, and restitution. The potential prison sentence depends on your prior criminal record. Under ARS §13-105(22), you face a longer jail or prison term if you have a “historical prior felony conviction.”

You face a lengthier prison sentence if you have a prior felony conviction for a Dangerous Offense, Class 2 or 3 felonies (with some exceptions) within the last 10 years, or Class 4, 5, or 6 felonies (with some exceptions) within the last five years. Certain other felony convictions can count as a prior when convicted for robbery.

If you are convicted of standard robbery, you face:

  • First offense: 12 months to 3.75 years in prison
  • With one historical prior felony conviction: 2.25 years to 7.5 years in prison
  • With two or more prior felony convictions: 6 years to 15 years in prison

For a first offense, you may be eligible for probation with no jail time or up to one year in jail. For a second, third, or subsequent offense, you are generally not eligible for probation.

Aggravated robbery carries even harsher penalties. If convicted, you may be punished with the following prison time:

  • First offense: 2 years to 8.75 years in prison
  • With one historical prior felony conviction: 2.25 years to 7 years in prison
  • With two or more historical prior felony convictions: 6 years to 15 years in prison

With few exceptions, someone convicted of aggravated robbery is not eligible for probation, a suspended sentence, or release from confinement.

Armed robbery carries the most serious penalties, and it is classified as a Dangerous Offense. This means it carries sentence enhancements.

If you are convicted, you may face the following:

  • First offense: 7 years to 21 years in prison
  • With one historical prior dangerous offense conviction: 14 years to 28 years in prison
  • With two historical prior dangerous offense convictions: 21 years to 35 years

Arizona also uses separate sentencing guidelines for offenders who are convicted of multiple offenses that happened at different times but are consolidated at trial. These are called repetitive offenses. As an example, someone may face a single trial when accused of a string of armed robberies at different times. This may result in a higher sentence for “repeat offenses.”

You may face the following penalties if you are charged with robbery under the repetitive offense sentencing guidelines:

  • Robbery, Class 4 felony: 6-10 years for a second repetitive offense; 10-12 years for a third or subsequent repetitive offense
  • Aggravated Robbery, Class 3 felony: 7.5 to 18.75 years for a second repetitive offense; 11.25 to 25 years for a third or subsequent repetitive offense
  • Armed Robbery, Class 2 felony: 10.5 to 26.25 years for a second repetitive offense; 15.75 to 35 years for a third or subsequent repetitive offense

All three classifications of robbery in Arizona are very similar offenses, but the penalties vary significantly. The presence of an accomplice, for instance, is enough to increase the minimum penalty from one year to two years for a first offense. The addition of even a simulated firearm without actual bodily injury increases the minimum penalty to seven years.

When you are facing a significant prison sentence, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What Defenses Can Be Raised if I’m Accused of Robbery in Phoenix, AZ?

You may have several possible defense options when charged with robbery in Arizona.

Experienced robbery lawyers may craft a defense using one or more of the following defense strategies:

  • You were wrongfully accused. You may be the victim of mistaken identity or false accusations.
  • You did not use force or threats. Actual force or a threat is a critical element of the crime of robbery. Without force, you may face a much lighter theft offense.
  • You did not intend to deprive the victim of their property.
  • You did not take property that belonged to someone else. This defense is most common in alleged robbery offenses involving people in some type of relationship or domestic dispute. In an argument, one party may attempt to take property they believe is theirs. In this case, you may have a defense if you legitimately believed the property belonged to you and/or you did not use force.
  • You were not displaying or using a “dangerous instrument.” Sometimes when an argument goes too far, a simple dispute can result in an armed robbery charge. You may have a defense against armed robbery by demonstrating that the item you were holding was not used or displayed in a dangerous manner to the alleged victim.

At Orent Law Offices, we will carefully investigate your case from all angles to explore the best possible defense strategies.

We will also investigate whether your constitutional rights were violated. Common defenses include the denial of the right to legal counsel, coerced statements, and illegal search and seizure. When evidence is obtained illegally, we can have it suppressed so it cannot be used against you. We will also analyze the evidence used against you for forensic flaws including improper forensic procedures and unreliable tests.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with Our Phoenix Robbery Lawyer

Even a first robbery offense comes with stiff penalties, but you may face an enhanced sentence and ineligibility for probation with prior felony convictions. With your future on the line, do not waste time in contacting a Phoenix robbery lawyer to begin work on your defense. Contact our Phoenix, AZ offices as soon as possible for a free case review to discuss how we can help you fight the charge you are facing.

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