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Mr Craig Orent is a great Lawyer! He will walk a client through difficult situations within the legal system. He is very kind and helps you relax. He was not only my Lawyer, he was in a sense my therapist. I was facing very serious charges, 8 Felonies, and he was able to get all dropped to one charge of disorderly conduct . I am very thankful he was “MY VOICE!”
Few people I’ve met in life are as dedicated and personally committed to the “person” they are helping as is Craig. It’s not just a legal case for him; it’s his sincere attention to the person’s problem. When he makes reference to himself being available 24/7, he’s not exaggerating. Nor is he exaggerating when he respectfully says he aggressive. You’ll make no better choice for your representation.
Orent Law Offices deliver results! Craig is a highly experienced, knowledgeable, results-driven attorney. I couldn't be happier about the outcome of my case. I would definitely refer this firm to others seeking legal representation.
Craig and his team were amazing from start to finish. The final result being a dismissal of the case entirely. I would absolutely recommend Orent law to anyone in the Phoenix area.
Craig was an absolute blessing. When I found myself cornered with false accusations that could have completely destroyed my life, Craig skillfully guided me through the treacherous journey to safety. He consistently maintained transparency, honesty, and openness throughout the entire process. Despite the case dragging on for nearly three years, Craig continuously reassured me and alleviated my anxieties at each stage. His meticulous planning and unwavering determination outshone that of the state's prosecutors.Piece by piece, Craig effectively dismantled the state's case, reducing the credibility of the police officer who mistakenly arrested the wrong person to mere foolishness. Furthermore, he skillfully exposed the fragility of my ex's false claims, putting her on the verge of facing perjury charges. Craig is a straightforward, results-oriented professional who relied on solid facts, medical records, and expert testimony to construct a winning case. Even two years after my wrongful arrest, he managed to uncover the true nature of my ex, stripping away her deceptive façade.Ultimately, Craig's efforts led to a resounding victory in court, resulting in the acquittal of all charges against me. In this unfortunate era of a broken justice system, where one often feels guilty until proven innocent, I was immensely fortunate to have Craig by my side. His unwavering commitment to ensuring genuine justice was served is commendable.
We're so grateful we retained Craig's services. Craig was super-responsive, returned calls and texts immediately, was clear, explained things, and always professional, helpful, and straight. He went above and beyond, and was extremely successful in a very difficult case.
I feel SO very fortunate for having found Craig to represent me. From start to finish he helped me navigate through my extremely stressful case. Craig is not only a stellar attorney but he is truly a kind, caring human being. He had my back every step of the way and was available 24/7 which was amazing. He was able to bring about an outcome to my case that I didn't believe was possible! I wish that every person facing legal issues could have Craig on their side. I will be forever grateful to him!
Very helpful, and fought hard for my case highly recommended
Mr. Orent was everything I could’ve asked for in a defense attorney. He had my back all the way through. From the night of my arrest to the dismissal of my case. His communication was clear and honest. I always spoke with him directly and not someone from his office which really reinforced the fact that he really cared about me and my case. I would recommend Mr. Orent to anyone in his area of practice needing representation. He will fight for you every step of the way and make sure you understand the process fully. 11/10
Craig was the most professional and communicative attorney I could have ever asked for. Throughout the entire case we were told about every step and was given the options on how to move forward, as well as what Craig thinks. The case was concluded with our satisfaction and full understanding. I will definitely be giving Craig's contact info to anyone I come across that might need any legal service. Thank you Craig!
Best lawyer money can buy!
Craig is everything that you think you need in an attorney and also a lot of what you don’t even know you need. No one wants to find themselves in need of a criminal attorney but if you do, text/call him now. Craig listened to me even when I was being emotional and slightly irrational :). He always responded back immediately and answered all of my questions over and over. I hope I never find myself in need of Craig’s services again but I have him on speed dial just in case. Craig is more than an attorney - he is a freaking brilliant rockstar. Craig knows more than the judges do, and he plays it professionally and strategically. Legit - the judge even had to call a short recess to look up the law that Craig brought up during trial. Do not leave your fate in the hands of a public defender. Rest assured that your investment in Craig will be 100% worth it. Thank you Craig ♥️- Signed, not guilty and grateful
Craig is a phenomenal attorney. He is caring, pays attention to the most minor details and always has his client's best interest. Even though many roadblocks were thrown in his path he never stopped fighting for me until he got the answers he needed and finally won my case for me. I would highly recommend Craig Orent
My experience with Orent Law Offices was great! My case was a little complicated however, Mr. Orent was upfront and honest before taking on my case which helped me weigh out my options. After speaking with him over the phone, he advised me of the next steps before I agreed to retain him as counsel. From the moment I paid him, he took all the weight off my shoulders; he advised me of his strategy, the different outcomes that could arise, and kept me at ease and informed for a case that took six months to be resolved. He is excellent at communicating with you and explaining everything so you understand. Between keeping me informed and attending all court visits he turned something potentially life changing for me into something that allowed me to live my life again. His strategy was clear, a dismissal or trial-- after six months he achieved exactly that. My case was dismissed! Thank you Craig for all that you do. I would recommend you to anyone needing legal help. You are the best of the best and a man of your word. Thank you!
I contacted Craig for a brief consultation during a extremely difficult time in my life. I've never really had any run-in with the law, so this was an extraordinarily stressful time for me. Without sharing too much detail, I was charged with something that was more or less a technical violation that should've never been accepted by a city prosecutor.After speaking with him briefly over my phone, he advised me of the next steps before I agreed to retain him as counsel. From the moment I paid him, he took almost all the weight off my shoulders; he advised me of his 'strategy,' the various outcomes, and kept me at ease for a matter that took over a year to be resolved. Between keeping me informed and attending all court visits he turned something incredibly difficult into something that allowed me to live my life. His strategy was clear, a dismissal or trial-- after a year he achieved exactly that. Merely days before the holidays I received the best Christmas gift imaginable, the case was dismissed as he continued to poke holes in something that should never have been filed in the first place.While he may not be the 'cheapest' around, when it comes to criminal matters, you can't be in better hands. Craig carries a weight of confidence that puts you at ease the entire time while also never shying away from other outcomes. Beyond that I felt like he treated my case with absolute importance and care, he was extremely empathetic and often times would reach out to check how I was doing. Throughout the whole process he made it clear his job was to protect me and that while these matters take time, it's 'my job' to live my life, his job to get the best outcome.He did exactly what he set out to do and I truly can't thank him enough.
Great to work with and great with communication!
Craig was amazing! I was nervous about my ticket and he made me feel much better , he is confident and good at what he does! He was even kind enough to meet me half way between my house and his office on our first visit to save me the drive. Craig worked hard on my case and ended up getting it dismissed completely! If your in need of a good lawyer, who is a straight shooter, Craig is your man! He was a pleasure to work with and I would hire him again immediately if I ever was in a similar situation! THANKS CRAIG !
Craig was very attentive and helped me out tremendously. I would recommend him to anyone!
Response from the owner: Hi Ronny. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.
Excellent job and advice in dealing with legal matters. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you're happy with the outcome.
I called to find out more information about a previous case I had from 16-18 years ago. He was very informative and very honest with me. He took the time to give me knowledge even though I want a client of his. I can tell he is very passionate about his career and his clients. I would like to thank him for his time, and his advice he gave to me. He gained a new client in the future just from his professionalism. I would defiantly recommend him based on my experience.
Mr. Orent was very professional and helpful during this difficult time. I found him fair minded and willing to go that little extra to help solve problems. Would use his services again if needed,
Craig Orent did a fantastic job representing me for a DUI violation. He helped calm me down by clearly describing the process and was available any time I needed him. Craig understands law very well, is extremely patient with the proceedings and was able to get my charges significantly reduced. I would use the Orent Law Offices again if needed and recommend them to anyone needing good legal representation.
Craig Orent recently handled two cases for me and I highly recommend him for your criminal law needs. I cannot say enough positive things about him!The first thing I noticed about Craig, which was immediately apparent from my initial conversation with him, is that he is very passionate about his job, and it is very important to him that he win ALL of his cases. He has a superb understanding of the law, a vast amount of legal experience, great attention to detail, and his legal expertise is extraordinary. His ability to devise the best legal strategy for a particular case is excellent, and he is always thinking several moves ahead.Craig is professional, ethical, and trustworthy, and he is also realistic and will take the time required to explain in detail the pros and cons of a particular course of action. I have witnessed Craig in action in a courtroom multiple times and he absolutely knows his stuff. He is also well respected by both judges and prosecutors.Of course, I hope I do not ever have to call Craig again for legal help, but if I do get in trouble and need criminal representation, he will ABSOLUTELY be the attorney I call!
Craig Orent recently handled a case for us. He was a great choice. From the beginning, he let us know what our options were and how the case was likely to proceed. He kept us informed about progress, and made everything as painless as possible. We're happy with the outcome, and glad we made the decision to engage him.
Craig Orent has been fantastic to work with. He has gone above and beyond the requirements of his position, including proactively contacting people on occasion (without my prompting him to do so) to get updates on the situation he's helping me with. I recommend him without reservation!
Great service and phenomenal quailty. Craig really knows his stuff and makes the whole process so simple. I was amazed at how much easier dealing with the courts was thanks to hiring the Orent law offices. I highly recommend him andmd his office for any of your legal needs. I have zero complaints this business is worth the money every time.
I've hired Craig on several occasions to represent others and I have witnessed him in action. He is excellent. He is the first person I recommend to anyone when it comes to criminal law. Craig will fight for you as if you were his own brother or mother or child. He's fierce and he's very intelligent and the judges respect him. You can find an attorney for less money and you can find an attorney for more money but I can assure you you will have a very hard time finding a criminal attorney who's better than Craig.If you want the best representation in the criminal court system in Arizona you need not look any further. Craig Orent is the one.
This attorney s a true warrior very knowledgeable and very experienced In his line of work, you cannot put a price on peace of mind that this man will give you ! I was truly blessed to find this gentlemen . Philip Nesbihal Jr. OUTSTANDING!!
I was very satisified with my experience with Craig Orent! He represented me in a DUI case which happen to be my 2nd within a 7 year span. So I was looking at significant fines and jail time. But Mr. Orent was able to get my fines and jail time reduced significantly which was awesome. I ended up just serving a day in jail and had a reasonable reduction on my fines that helped me out greatly. I felt the money that was spent on my defense was well worth it and if I should ever get in a situation again I would certainly use his services again. I would also highly recommend the services to anyone in need of a reliable and affordable attorney!
My experience with Orent Law Offices was great! In my opinion, my case was a little complicated however, Mr. Orent was upfront and honest before taking on my case which helped me weigh out my options. Throughout the legal process Mr. Orent kept me up to speed with my case and answered questions I had. If you or anyone you know is in need of some legal advice or help, don’t hesitate and call Orent Law Offices.
5 Stars are not enough to express my level of satisfaction with Craig Orent. if I could give 100 I would. I retained Craig to represent me for an incident that occurred in 2015, but was not settled until 1 year ago in 2018.During the 3 years the case dragged on, Craig went far above and beyond expectations to defend my interests and rights against an extremely hostile and potentially vindictive prosecution.Through changes in prosecutors, additional charges that were veiled attempts at intimidation, appeals and changes of jurisdiction ordered by an appellant judge - Craig remained professional, determined, aggressive and expertly professional in his representation of me. He did this even though my case was a couple hundred miles from Craig's office and required several multiple hour round trips for court appearances.In the end I received what I decided was a fair offer of settlement.I have witnessed Craig's professionalism, legal expertise, courtroom tenacity and attention to detail first hand and I can not imagine having better representation.I cannot recommend Craig any more vehemently.If you need help, give Craig a call.
Mr. Orent went above and beyond with his services. I would employ his expertise again without hesitation. Excellent.
Craig was such a great help to us. He believed in us, and put his heart and soul into the fight for our case. Craig knows the laws, and has considerable experience fighting criminal cases. You can always count on him to be ethical, realistic, and supportive. We would highly recommend referring him to anyone dealing with a criminal matter in the court system.
Earlier this year I was charged with Criminal Speeding. I had recently been hired for a position in which a clean driving record was a necessity. Craig put my fears to rest, and made the process extremely simple. Craig was able to get my charge COMPLETELY DISMISSED after attending traffic school. No points on my driving record, no fines, etc.I highly recommend Craig for your criminal defense needs.
I am posting this after only speaking with the receptionist I’m confident things will be handled very confidently and I have a smile on my face already stay tuned…*competently.
Before I chose Craig Orent to represent me in an Order of Protection and concurring domestic violence case, I did what everyone does these days. I searched the internet and clicked on the top ranking most elaborate website that came up. That click led me to large firm in Phoenix that had an incredible web presence and top ranking Search Engine Optimization. I called them and was immediately routed to a “Closer” who convinced me that their firm was the best and that if I did not utilize their experience I would certainly be at a disadvantage. I analyzed their experience with similar matters, their attorney’s years of experience and their success rate. I was pleased, so I paid the deposit and felt like I was on my way to redemption. However, I quickly realized that I was just another cog in their machine. This was a frightening time for me and I needed a more personalized service. So I cancelled the agreement with the large firm, went back to scouring the internet, reading reviews and researching to find a “real” professional.My extensive search brought me to Craig Orent, who from the start gave me the personal service I so desperately needed. Craig did not sugar coat things, he was forthright and honest about the potential outcome of my case. But his decades of experience, honest demeanor and passion for his work convinced me to hire him.Craig took on my case with a slow-and-steady wins the race stance. At times I just wanted to get the case over with but Craig would real me back assuring me that with time, the odds of a better outcome would lean toward my favor.Craig worked extensively and seemed obsessed with winning my case. He used a strategic and unconventional approach in his methodology. He was accessible and kept communication open throughout. He knew I would not accept anything less than a full dismissal of the Order of Protection and domestic violence charges and when he could have easily worked to convince me to take a plea bargain, he continued to push forward.Extraordinarily, even though Craig had already been paid, and that no further payments were due, he took the time to communicate and follow through on his strategic plan which resulted in the full dismissal of all the charges against me.Life is full of decisions. Thank goodness I made the right one in my choice for representation.
Craig is who you want/need in your corner no matter what your issues are. He is the most professional and ethical attorney you will ever meet. He is respected by both the judges and prosecutors and is confident in his dealings with them. This translates to the best possible defense one can get. He was supportive to both me and my son during the most stressful of times. We all understood that the case could have a less than desirable outcome, but he was realistic in his expectations which kept us all balanced. My son was facing serious charges in two cases being tried simultaneoulsy. Due to all of the above, he was able to finesse the facts with the prosecutor and both charges were ultimately dismissed. I will forever be indebted to this man.
It has been exactly one year since I was lucky enough to find Craig Orent online..... we are glad we did.Backstory:My wife and I are from southern California and took a trip to Arizona for the holidays. Celebrating the season we both had too many drinks. A dispute between us escalated with the police getting involved. My wife unaware of the repercussions, decided to lie to the police. The result was Assault, Disorderly Conduct and a Criminal Damage charge.My wife feeling awful of the outcome decided to scour the phoenix area for an attorney that could handle our case. We were not expecting to find such a kind caring individual as Craig. After speaking with several different lawyers we finally spoke with Craig. The instant we spoke we could tell a difference in his approach; thought out, intelligent, and kind. He immediately made us feel better on what calculated moves could be made to protect us. He informed us the worst has happened and this issues will take time to resolve, go on living your life he said, while he takes care of helping us get back to it. These small encouraging words, I believed help save and start the healing process of our broken marriage. Constantly keeping us updated on court appearances and tactics we found out 4 months later ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED!This has been a long year of rebuilding after this emotional experience and our gratitude towards Craig for his compassion and expertise can not be put into words. If your looking for a passionate attorney who provides impeccable service... look no further. Thank you Craig!
Very thankful I found Craig in my time of need. I had never needed an attorney nor been involved in any court proceedings. He was very patient, explained each step of the process and was there for me whenever I needed him. Would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.
When I discovered ORENT LAW OFFICES, where would I begin to describe the satisfaction?! When I hired Mr. Orent, there was not one moment when I felt paranoid, discouraged, or worried about not winning my case. Mr. Craig Orent provided positive feedback to me every time we arranged meetings and he had reinforced his words and actions by going out of his way to dig deeper and investigate my case! In the beginning, I had already had an attorney and things started slipping such as no returned calls, emails, text messages etc. Alongside Craig Orent, I felt I had an attorney willing to fight for me and it was worth EVERY PENNY! As a military service member or a civilian, I would highly recommend ORENT LAW OFFICES at the highest extent.Again, Thank you Mr. Orent for all your valiant efforts to protect me in a time of need when I felt no one else would.Respectfully,Shawn

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