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How Do You Defend Against a False Rape Charge?

Posted on April 23, 2019 in Sex Crimes

Rape and sexual assault are very sensitive subjects in the American court of public opinion and state prosecutors across the country tend to prosecute these cases very aggressively. Unfortunately, physical evidence may be minimal in such a claim, and investigators may face an issue of “he said, she said,” unable to discern the truth of the matter. Prosecutors inherently tend to side with accuse... Read more

Why Can Insanity Be Used as a Defense in Court?

Posted on March 19, 2019 in Firm News

Many Americans may know that insanity can be a viable defense against some criminal charges, but media portrayals of these situations may skew their ideas of how this legal statute actually works. The insanity defense has roots in British law reaching back to 1581, when the court stated that a “madman or lunatic” could not be held accountable for actions taken when... Read more

Can You Face Charges If You Fail to Report a Crime?

Posted on March 19, 2019 in Firm News

You may certainly face criminal charges if you commit a crime, but it is also possible for you to face criminal charges for the actions of another party if you knew of a criminal act but failed to report it. While it is generally not illegal to fail to report a crime, many states have enacted laws stating otherwise. It is almost always the best course of action to ... Read more

Can You Refuse a Field Sobriety Test?

Posted on February 26, 2019 in Drunk Driving


The police rely on field sobriety tests to identify and arrest impaired drivers, but it is vital for drivers to know their rights when it comes to a field sobriety test. It is also important to know the difference between a field sobriety test and a chemical test such as a breathalyzer. While you may have legal grounds to refuse a standard field sobriety test, you cannot... Read more

Differences Between Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Charges

Posted on February 26, 2019 in Drugs

Both misdemeanor and felony drug charges carry significant penalties in Arizona, and knowing which type you may face can help you better prepare for the legal issues following a drug-related arrest. Depending on the type of substance, the amount discovered at the time of arrest, and the other elements involved in the arrest, a drug arrest can lead to various possible penalties. The arrested ind... Read more