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Posted on July 26, 2023 in Sex Crimes

Arizona Sex Offender Registration

A conviction for any sexual offense in Arizona can bring fines and jail time. However, for some sex crimes, a conviction can also involve the requirement of sex offender registration. 

Sex offender registration can impact various areas of your life, like employment and residence, and you might be tempted to skip the registration process entirely. However, that would be a mistake, as a failure to register will probably lead to further legal trouble. 

If you’re ordered by a court to register with Arizona’s sex offender registry, you’ll need to understand the process. You should also know the consequences of failing to register and where to turn when you need help with the sex offender registration process.  

When Does Arizona Require Sex Offender Registration?

Arizona requires registration for a variety of sex-related convictions. 

Sex offender registration is usually ordered after offenses that include: 

Many of these are offenses involving a minor, but you can find yourself ordered to undergo sex offender registration for a few other sex crimes as well. 

Arizona Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Sex offender registration is handled by your local Arizona sheriff’s office. When you are released from jail, you have up to ten days to report your name, address, and conviction to the sheriff’s office closest to where you are living. 

If you choose to move to a different county or change your name, you must report those changes within 72 hours, not including holidays and weekends. You must physically visit the sheriff’s office to report these changes in person, and you’ll also need to provide written notice. 

When relocating, you must inform the sheriffs in both the county you are leaving and the county you are moving to.

Aside from initial registration and changes related to relocation and name change, registered sex offenders in Arizona must comply with certain requirements. 

These requirements primarily include reporting any change in home address and obtaining an updated driver’s license each year with an updated photo and address. Failing to meet these requirements in the given periods will likely lead to felony charges

Consequences of Failing To Complete Sex Offender Registration Requirements in Arizona

Failure to register as a sex offender can bring severe consequences in Arizona. The specific penalties you face depend largely on your previous convictions. 

If the offense that led to the need for sex offender registration was not a felony, the penalties for failure to register can range from probation with no jail time to up to two years in prison. 

With a prior felony conviction, the penalty can involve prison time of nearly three years, while two priors can bring a sentence of nearly six years in prison. 

In most cases, failure to promptly complete sex offender registration in Arizona leads to a class 4 felony. Failure to comply with the requirement of obtaining an updated driver’s license each year can result in class 6 felony charges. 

Don’t Delay Your Arizona Sex Offender Registration

No one wants to undergo sex offender registration. However, failing to undergo the process, or even simply waiting too long, puts you at high risk of facing felony charges and prison time. 

If you’re unclear on your obligations or need help navigating Arizona’s sex offender registration process, an Arizona sex crimes lawyer can help you with the process. If you’ve waited too long and missed the required time frame, you should contact a lawyer right away to reduce the risk of further charges and jail time. 

Understanding your obligations and completing requirements on time is the best way to reduce the risk of facing further charges after being convicted of a sex crime in Arizona.

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