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Posted on November 2, 2023 in Arizona Law

Top 8 Weirdest Laws in the State of Arizona

Arizona is home to some of the country’s most amazing sites, including the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the O.K. Corral, and the red-rock buttes of Sedona. However, the natural beauty isn’t the only unique thing about Arizona. 

The state also has some of the strangest laws on their books. Though a little common sense and decency will mostly keep you out of trouble, it can’t hurt to be aware of these eight off-the-wall laws.

1. Street Racing Is Legal

Street racing is known around the country as a juvenile crime that young people love to risk their lives doing. In Arizona, it’s legal if the landowner and the proper authorities approve the event. If you have a need for speed, Arizona is the place to be.

2. No Fixing the Crane Games

Have you ever played a crane game and felt it was rigged against you? Arizona has taken a stand against this injustice by making it illegal to manipulate a crane game so the crane always wins. Game owners must put all prizes within the crane’s reach and represent all prize values accurately.

3. Don’t Pass the Barricade

If Arizona police barricade a flooded street and you decide to take your chances by driving around that barricade, you should get ready to fork over $2,000 in cash to the state. This is because you’ll now be responsible for paying for your own rescue, including the cost of an ambulance ride. What’s even worse is that your insurance might not cover it.

4. No Spitting in Public

If you’re visiting Goodyear, AZ, you must remember that you’re not allowed to spit on public sidewalks or crosswalks. Though it could present a health hazard and is probably an act of human decency to avoid it, it’s still strange to think that it might be possible to get arrested for doing something that seems so common in most places.

5. Bolo Ties Are the Official State Neckwear

Arizona might be the only state in the union with a law designating an official state neckwear. You can now trade your favorite necktie in for a bolo tie. Bolo ties consist of long leather cords with a decorative ornament clasp. Knowing that the bolo tie is fashioned after an old American pioneer weapon should give you extra confidence when wearing it.

6. Traffic Laws Apply to Animal Riders

Imagine getting a DUI while riding a horse. In Arizona, all the same traffic protections and laws apply to both motorists and horseback riders. This means you must stop your horse at red lights and stop signs just like everybody else must stop their cars. Under this law, others are responsible for not “spooking” your horse so they don’t run wildly in public.

7. Pigs Can’t Eat Trash

While Arizona is fine with pigs eating slop, you’re not allowed to feed them trash. In case you were thinking about feeding garbage to a pig, you’ll need to obtain a license to do it at your facility. Meanwhile, you’ll need another way to dispose of those full bags in your kitchen.

8. Don’t Unearth That Rare Cactus

Cacti are precious to Arizona lawmakers. One cactus in particular — the Saguaro — is so beloved that you can spend more than two decades behind bars for cutting one down or digging it up. Imagine having to explain to your family that you won’t see them for another 25 years because you thought a cactus might be the perfect addition to your landscaping.

Don’t Break the Law – Including the Weird Ones

Getting arrested for theft crimes simply because you wanted to take a piece of the Sonoran Desert home with you probably isn’t a good idea. While many of these laws are highlighted in jest, it’s important for you to know your legal boundaries so a day of fun doesn’t turn into $2,000 (or even 25 years) of regret.

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