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Posted on December 18, 2021 in Criminal Defense

How Far is 1000 Feet Within a School Area in miles?

Are you in Arizona wondering how far 1000 feet within a school area is in miles? Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Craig Orent explains what you need to know.

Calculating 1000 feet from a school needs to be done carefully and methodically. A mile is 5,280 feet. This means that 1000 feet is just under .2 miles (i.e. one-fifth of a mile). Arizona law requires Level III sex offenders to live more than 1000 feet from any real property comprising a school or childcare facility.    

Determining where you can and cannot live is far too serious to risk getting it wrong. Accidentally living too close to a school can result in new misdemeanor and even felony charges. If you need help figuring out how the 1000 foot restriction applies, contact a Phoenix criminal lawyer like Craig Orent.

Who is Prohibited From Living Within 1000 Feet of a School in Phoenix?

Under Arizona Revised Statute 13-3727, all Level III Offenders are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of any school or child care facility. The state of Arizona assigns convicted sex offenders and individuals convicted of a dangerous crime against children a risk score as follows:

  • Level One – Low risk to community
  • Level Two – Intermediate risk to community
  • Level Three – High risk to community

The risk score is determined based on 19 factors that psychologists feel are strong predictors of future behavior.

A few examples of the types of factors the State of Arizona looks at when assigning a risk level include:

  • Number of prior sex offenses
  • The total number of victims
  • Use of force or a weapon during offense
  • Whether aggravating circumstances like unlawful imprisonment were present
  • The presence of deviant sexual interests, including bestiality, pedophilia, voyeurism, or indecent exposure 

The state assigns a risk score which is entered into the sex offender registry. As a registered sex offender, one must follow all the requirements placed on them or face new felony charges. 

The penalty for living too close to a school as a Level III Offender is typically a Class I Misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class 6 Felony for repeat offenses. A Class I Misdemeanor is punishable by up to six months jail and a fine of up $2500. A Class 6 Felony is punishable by up to two years in jail. 

How Can You Calculate 1000 Feet in Phoenix?

We recommend using Google Maps to determine if a property is more than 1000 feet from a school or childcare facility in Phoenix, Arizona. You can also run a potential residence past your probation agent before moving there. However, if you already have moved in, you should consult with a criminal defense lawyer to avoid incriminating yourself.

To calculate straight-line distance on Google Maps, click layers on the bottom left to switch to satellite view. Zoom in to the property line of the property you want to live in. Right-click on the edge of the property line and then click calculate distance. Then find the real property boundary of the school or child care properties to make sure they are over 1000 feet away. Right-click on that boundary and then click calculate distance. 

This will give you the straight line distance between where you clicked. Make sure you place the two points in the correct spot to avoid an incorrect calculation. 

We recommend consulting with a criminal defense lawyer to make sure a residence is okay to live in. The 1,000-foot restriction is too serious to risk a flawed calculation by yourself.

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