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Posted on September 27, 2016 in Juvenile Crimes

Arizona State is the Sixth Most Dangerous College Campus


College can be a dangerous time for students—especially in the top 10 most dangerous campuses in America. Crime Watch Daily analyzed the number of reported aggravated assaults, motor vehicle thefts, sex offenses, burglaries, arsons, robberies, and murders across colleges in the U.S. in 2013 and compiled a list of America’s 10 most-dangerous campuses. Arizona State University made number six on the list.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Colleges

#1: Michigan State University

The most dangerous college in America is currently Michigan State University, which has an institution size of 49,317 people. MSU reported 120 burglaries, 62 motor vehicle thefts, 27 forcible sex offenses, 10 robberies, nine arsons, and four aggravated assaults. These numbers are for the total occurrences on campus in 2013.

#2: The University of Utah

In 2013, the U of U experienced 160 burglaries, 10 sex offenses, five arsons, three motor vehicle thefts, and two aggravated assaults. This university made number two on the list based on its high number of burglaries compared to the size of the campus.

#3: Portland State University

Portland State University made number three on Crime Watch Daily’s list, with 155 burglaries, 12 sex offenses, four aggravated assaults, two robberies, and one motor vehicle theft. PSU tied with Michigan State University for the number of aggravated assaults and had 35 more burglaries, though it reported smaller numbers for the rest of the crimes.

#4: Stanford University

As a university with only 18,346 people, Stanford University had surprisingly high crime numbers compared to its larger peers. Stanford reported 94 burglaries, 26 forcible sex offenses, 17 motor vehicle thefts, three aggravated assaults, and two robberies. Stanford had one of the higher rates of sex offenses on the list, especially when the size of the institution is considered.

#5: University of California Los Angeles

California has two different college campuses on the list of the top 10 most dangerous in the country. UCLA came in at number five on the list, while the University of California Berkeley came in at number eight. UCLA had 75 burglaries, 33 sex offenses, 11 motor vehicle thefts, seven aggravated assaults, two robberies, and one arson in 2013.

#6: Arizona State University

With 71 burglaries, 29 motor vehicle thefts, 13 aggravated assaults, nine forcible sex offenses, four robberies, and one arson, Arizona State University came in at number six on the list. ASU’s crime statistics break down the crime rates across ASU’s different campuses. In the Tempe campus, for example, there were 34 burglaries, 16 sex offenses, 11 motor vehicle thefts, three robberies, and two arsons in 2014. The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act makes it mandatory for ASU to disclose crime statistics, providing students and families with information about campus safety.

#7–10 Most Dangerous College Campuses

After Arizona State University, the other four colleges on the list are:

  • #7: University of Hawai’i at Manoa. 52 burglaries, 49 motor vehicle thefts, eight sex offenses, five aggravated assaults, three arsons, and two robberies.
  • #8: University of California Berkeley. 56 burglaries, 16 robberies, 14 aggravated assaults, 13 sex offenses, 11 motor vehicle thefts, three arsons, and one murder or non-negligent manslaughter. This campus is the only one on the list that reported a murder in 2013.
  • #9: Rutgers University. 75 burglaries, 21 sex offenses, six aggravated assaults, five motor vehicle thefts, three robberies, and two arsons.
  • #10: University of Virginia. 58 burglaries, 27 sex offenses, 21 motor vehicle thefts, and three aggravated assaults.

No matter what campus you or your child attends, prioritize safety above all else. To avoid college crimes on campus, Phoenix college crimes attorneys advise you to never walk around campus alone at night, keep your vehicle locked and parked under a streetlight, and keep doors to dormitories locked at all times. Campus safety is an ongoing problem around the nation.

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