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Posted on May 6, 2016 in Crime

Criminal Refugee Responsibility for Nonprofits in Arizona

The International Rescue Committee and similar nonprofits focus on supporting refugees and other immigrants displaced in America. When the Syrian refugee crisis gained national attention earlier this year, many people wondered whether the nation had the infrastructure to support these individuals—and whether it was even safe to do so. The thought of sending these people away or punishing those organizations that extend a helping hand may be uncomfortable, but the Arizona state government is concerned with criminal refugee responsibility and is ready to intervene to keep these organizations accountable.

An Arizona bill proposes to hold nonprofits that help refugees accountable for any crimes refugees commit. Specifically, the bill would require those organizations to sign up for a $25 million insurance policy to cover any crimes this group perpetrates within five years of entry into the United States. This legislation clearly has implications for refugees coming to Arizona. But it may also affect the state’s economy; nonprofit organizations stimulate job growth and revenue across the nation.

Arizona Nonprofits That May Be Effected by Proposed Bill

A few organizations in Arizona that may fall under the crosshairs of this bill becomes law include:

These and many other organizations help immigrants by providing housing, food, clothing, transportation, and similar essential services. Though the bill may place an unnecessary burden on Arizona nonprofits if it becomes law, it also raises some interesting legal questions.

An Extreme Precaution or a Just Initiative?

Clearly, this is a volatile problem. An influx of refugees may present security issues, though the United States has accepted millions of these people throughout its history. In fact, 75,000 immigrants have been placed in Arizona in the last two decades alone.

There have also, however, been some problems with recent immigration standards in Europe, which will likely affect the bill’s success when it’s presented for a vote. For example, Germany has struggled to align its values with those evacuees who have crossed its borders, and the European Union is searching for a way to handle the more than 2 million refugees who have crossed into its lands safely.

Which Countries Does the Bill Target?

Although the Syrian exodus has generated the majority of coverage and is clearly connected to this proposed bill, this is just one of the countries for which it would account. Other nations on the list include:

  • Iraq
  • Yemen
  • South Sudan
  • North Korea
  • Libya
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo

How Does This Affect Citizens in Arizona?

The recent difficulties in Europe and the marked increase in immigrants to America have led to some unjust fears and warranted precautions. Though the majority of these individuals simply want refuge from horrendous wars and other social issues, our state and federal governments also want to keep their citizens safe. This commonly leads to modifications of our laws, such as the proposed Senate Bill 1452.

In the meantime, it is critically important to be aware of your rights if an accident or a crime a refugee commits harms you. These criminal refugee responsibility laws are particularly complex, as these individuals are in transit and are not subject to the same rights as US citizens. Thus, it is particularly important to contact an attorney for more information.

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