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Posted on March 30, 2016 in Drunk Driving

Arizona Ignition Interlock: What Will Happen if I Get Caught Driving a Different Vehicle Without an Interlock?

Thousands of DUI arrests happen each year. In fact, there were over 1.5 million arrests nationwide in 2003. There are a range of consequences for these actions, including fines, jail time, and license suspension. An Arizona ignition interlock is another common consequence following a DUI. In fact, it is mandatory following a license suspension in Arizona. This is simply a personal breathalyzer installed in a vehicle that a driver must use to start his or her car.

Consequences for Misusing Your Ignition Interlock Device

Though this can be an effective tool, some drivers may attempt what seems like an easy workaround when they are intoxicated, like driving a friend’s car. It may seem like a clever solution but these actions lead to immense fines and ongoing punishment. Consequences include:


DUI or DWI charges are already steep, with first time offenders facing a $1,250 fee. It’s even more serious for repeat offenders or those who ignore mandated interlock device usage. The cost of litigation and personal injury damages not covered by insurance are also steep; in addition to fines for not using the device, negligent drivers can face tens of thousands of dollars in penalties.

Extended Suspension

Normally, drivers must use an Arizona ignition interlock for one year, according to Arizona interlock device laws. If you are caught driving another person’s car, one additional year will be added from the time the original penalty would have ended.

Impounded Car

On top of license suspensions and other problems, police may impound the car or put a boot on it, regardless of whether the vehicle is yours. Removing the boot or recovering the car means additional expenses, and you may have to explain why your friend’s ride was impounded.

Prison time

Sometimes, fines, license suspensions, and impounds are not enough; repeat offenders may face jail time, even if it is just a second offense.

Classification as a Convicted Felon

Convicted felons are not entitled to the same rights and privileges as the rest of the population. For example, they may not vote and are placed under strict travel restrictions. This also affects a person’s ability to collect financial aid or apply for federal housing.

Neglecting or attempting to work around an Arizona ignition interlock is never a good idea. It’s always better to call a cab or a friend or just stay in for the night. If you are having trouble using your device or want to decrease your sentence, an attorney can recommend a few options.

Help with Your Arizona Ignition Interlock

In Arizona, even first-time DUI offenders are required to use an interlock device. There are a few options you can explore with your attorney, however, that will make the process easier: 

Have Your License Reinstated

After one month of your suspension, you may apply for a restricted license. However, the interlock device must be installed correctly, and any payments you owe must be up-to-date. You must meet all other requirements associated with your DUI as well, which may include drug or alcohol safety programs.

Get a Deferment

If your BAC was under 0.15% and there was no property damage, the terms of your Arizona ignition interlock usage may be decreased by six months. There are several other conditions you must meet. Reach out to an attorney for details about your eligibility.

Contact an Attorney

An attorney is your greatest advocate at this time. He or she can let you know about deferment options as well as what you can do to lower your sentence and avoid future legal complications.

How Craig Orent Can Help

Interlocking devices exist for a reason. Working with a DUI attorney can minimize the consequences for the DUI or DWI, but it is vitally important to follow all restrictions related to your sentence. For more information about Arizona interlock device laws, contact a Phoenix defense attorney for a thorough look at your case.

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