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You can’t read or watch any news today without encountering stories of drug crimes, violence related to drug crimes, the social and economic disaster of what we call the “opioid crisis,” and impassioned pleas from public figures to do something, anything, to fix the problem.

Arizona has its share of that national drug problem. The extent of the problem, and of the violence that accompanies it, means that people arrested on drug charges find very little sympathy from the public, law enforcement, prosecutors, or the courts. All this means that the authorities are predisposed to view the evidence in any given case as warranting prosecution and conviction.

Conviction of any drug crime, no matter how minor, can damage your reputation, make it harder to find and keep a job, and just generally make life harder. Contact Glendale drug crimes lawyer, Craig Orent to help fight your case.

Drug Categories in Arizona

Under Arizona’s drug laws, there are several categories of drugs, with specific sections of the law devoted to describing the activity as to each that amounts to a criminal offense. The major categories of drugs are:

  • Narcotics (opium, heroin, codeine, fentanyl, etc.)
  • Dangerous drugs (Meth, LSD, MDA, MMDA and a host of others listed in the statute defining this category)
  • Marijuana
  • Peyote
  • Prescription-only drugs

Major Drug Crimes in Arizona

For each of the controlled drugs, it is generally a crime to:

  • Acquire it
  • Possess it
  • Use it
  • Administer it
  • Sell it
  • Manufacture it
  • Transport it

Penalties – Statutory Threshold Amounts

Depending on the drug involved, the amount of the drug involved, whether the charge is simple possession or a more serious charge of sale, transport, manufacture or the like, the crime may be classed as anything from a misdemeanor to a very serious felony. Sentences can be enhanced by a prior record and other factors, like dealing to minors or engaging in drug activities near schools. Fines are also common.

While some crimes may not require jail time, Arizona sets a “threshold amount” for each drug. If your offense involves that amount or more of a drug, jail time is mandatory. These statutory threshold amounts are:

  • Marijuana: 2 pounds
  • Heroin: 1 gram
  • Cocaine: 9 grams.
  • Cocaine base or in a hydrolyzed form: 750 mg
  • PCP: 4 grams or 50 ml
  • Amphetamine and Methamphetamine: 9 grams
  • LSD: .5 ml or, if in blotter form, 50 doses
  • Other drugs: an amount valued at $1,000 or more

If you are caught trafficking drugs through multiple state lines, it can be considered committing a federal crime. Federal crimes attorney, Craig Orent, advises seeking advice from a lawyer if you are caught trafficking drugs between states. Federal crimes contain harsher penalties than state crimes and the criminal defense should be handled professionally.

Drug Crimes Defenses

Drug charges are hardly open and shut cases. An experienced Glendale criminal defense attorney may find several different avenues for attacking the state’s case, which may result in any one of several favorable outcomes: dropping the case, lowering the charges, reducing the sentence, or plea bargain offer.

There are many different defenses that may be raised depending on the facts of the case. The three main types of defenses are:

  • Misconduct by the prosecutor or the law enforcement officers (failure to inform of your rights, improper searches, entrapment, etc.)
  • Issues related to the drugs involved in your case (whether the substance is what the police say it is, and is the amount the police say it is)
  • Whether the state has actually proved that you did what it says you did

The last category involves a detailed comparison of the facts to the state’s claims. For example:

  • Were you actually in “possession” or simply in the vicinity?
  • Do the facts really support the idea that you had the “intent” to sell or distribute? 

Get Legal Help when Facing Drug Crime Charges

Conviction of a serious drug crime can leave you behind bars for many years. You may also lose vehicles and other property to forfeiture, face stiff fines, and become ineligible for public benefits.

Unfortunately for people who have been charged with a drug crime, most of the advantages lie with the state. The prosecution has considerable resources to devote to convicting you, public opinion is on the side of the prosecution and in many ways the case moves at the speed that the prosecution dictates.

You need a defense attorney who can face those obstacles and still prevail on your behalf. Craig understands that the public image of drug crime defendants as murderous sociopaths without conscience is, in many cases, a gross exaggeration. Many an ordinary person gets caught up in drugs, and many innocent people end up prosecuted simply because they hung around with the wrong people or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Craig will show you the respect and consideration everyone deserves.

Protect your reputation and your life. Call the law office of Craig Orent today and get your defense started.