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Criminal Defense Resources

Those who have been falsely accused or convicted of a crime know how detrimental an accusation can have on your family, career, emotional well-being, relationships, and reputation. Without resources to educate and support this group, most are left feeling overwhelmed and lost when defending themselves. These resources can help victims gain knowledge about their situation as well as connecting with other people who have similar stories and cases.

The Innocence Project
An organization that works to exonerate those who are falsely convicted or imprisoned through DNA testing. The goal is to bring reform to the people and system who unjustly imprison people to prevent future injustices.

The Marshall Project
A nonprofit organization that reports on the criminal justice system and urges readers to be aware of what is happening within our system (ex. Juvenile justice, policing, mental health, immigration, etc.)

Juvenile Law Center
An organization that works to “advance the rights and well-being of children in jeopardy.” This organization works to make sure children are treated properly while incarcerated with safe conditions and access to counsel to ensure they are given the tools to grow into productive adults.

Divorce Net – Defending Against a Claim of Domestic Violence
A website offering information for those who have been falsely accused of domestic violence which includes restraining orders and tips before contacting a lawyer.

National Center for Reason and Justice
A non-profit organization designed to educate and advocate for child-protective laws that urges criminal justice practices to be based upon science, fairness, and good sense. This organization desires to support those who have been falsely accused or convicted of crimes against children; as well as to promote civil and human rights of those wrongfully convicted.

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