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Phoenix Robbery Lawyer

Robbery offenses fall within the greater umbrella term of theft crimes within Arizona. However, robbery offenses include several different punishment ranges depending on all circumstances of the offense. Robbery can involve use of a deadly weapon, or charges may be brought for something as simple as a mistaken taking. If you have been charged with robbery in Arizona, contact Phoenix robbery lawyer as soon as possible who will work hard to ensure you are not unfairly punished.

Robbery Charges in Arizona

Robbery is defined by Arizona laws as occurring when a defendant threatens or uses force against a person with the intent to coerce the victim to surrender property from the victim’s body or immediate presence. Arizona law classifies robbery as a Class 4 felony.

However, robbery offenses can be heightened to Aggravated Robbery, which occurs when a person has an accomplice present during the course of the Robbery. Aggravated Robbery is a Class 3 Felony. Armed Robbery occurs if either defendant or defendant’s accomplice is armed with a deadly weapon during the course of the Robbery and is classified as a Class 2 Felony.

Arizona classifies punishment ranges for felony offenses based on prior convictions and outside circumstances. Arizona additionally lists the term of imprisonment as the “presumptive” sentence, although a reduction or increase in sentencing is based on all circumstances of the particular case. The chart below lists the highest sentence one can receive (greater than the presumptive sentence). Aggravating circumstances leading to this heightened sentence can only be applied if at least two of the aggravating circumstances are found to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. Aggravating circumstances include the following (not exclusively):

  • Infliction or threatened infliction of serious bodily injury
  • Use, threatened use, or possession of deadly weapon during crime
  • Presence of accomplice
  • Cruel or depraved manner in which crime was committed
  • Victim or victim’s family suffered physical, emotional, or financial harm
  • Defendant was a public servant and the crime involved conduct directly related to the defendant’s office or employment

The following table lists the maximum punishment available for the previously listed offenses:

CrimePunishment without prior conviction1 Prior Conviction2 Prior Convictions
Robbery (Class 4 Felony)Up to 3.75 years in prisonUp to 16.25 years in prisonUp to 25 years in prison
Armed Robbery (Class 2 Felon)Up to 21 years in prisonUp to 28 years in prisonUp to 35 years in prison

It is clear that Arizona takes robbery charges very seriously, and any heightened robbery charges involve a minimum of prison sentence rather than the option of probation or fines.

Orent Law Office | Phoenix Robbery Lawyer in Arizona

If you have been accused of the crime of robbery or any of its heightened crimes, do not despair. In Arizona, an arrest is not yet a conviction, and an experienced Phoenix defense attorney can help ensure that your criminal record is not tarnished. Attorney Craig Orent at Orent Law Offices has over 25 years of experience as a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer and works tirelessly to drop or reduce robbery charges. Contact our Phoenix law office today so we can begin forming a defense strategy for your case.


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