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Phoenix DUI Attorney The number of DUI convictions you have in a certain span of years will dictate charge outcome if you have just been pulled over for suspicion of DUI in Phoenix. While aggressive law enforcement officers help protect citizens on the road from fatal accidents as the result of drivers operating under the influence, DUI convictions have the ability to drastically impact your life.

If you recently received a second or third DUI, don’t hesitate to call a Phoenix multiple DUI attorney immediately.

You Deserve A Criminal Lawyer From Orent Law Offices, PLC

If you have been arrested for more than one DUI in the last 7 years, contact Orent Law Offices as soon as possible. Multiple DUI offenses have severe repercussions on your daily life, and the sooner Craig Orent can begin analyzing your case, the sooner a defense plan can be put into play.

A DUI arrest does not always lead to a conviction, and an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer understands how to present a case to the court in order to see the case favorably in Arizona. You do not want to sit around and wait for a conviction to roll in. Take action today and call Orent Law Offices, PLC for your initial free consultation.

Why You Should Talk to Us

DUI offenses in Phoenix already have strict penalties tied to them, but once you begin to accumulate multiple DUI convictions, you may face harsh penalties, even turning misdemeanor offenses into felony offenses. A DUI, even as a misdemeanor cannot be expunged in Arizona. Although Arizona does not expunge criminal records, it does allow for individuals to have a judgment set-aside. A judgment set-aside means their criminal records would be sealed from basic background checks. Consult with a DUI lawyer in Phoenix for more information on petitioning for a judgment set-aside.

A DUI, unlike other misdemeanors, can have serious repercussions in your life.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, s second DUI offense within 7 years of a prior “ordinary” DUI conviction (meaning a BAC level between .08 and .15 without any outside circumstances) will lead to mandatory minimum penalties of at least 90 days in jail which can be suspended upon completion of mandatory alcohol screening classes. A third offense leads to even more severe penalties. The state has the option of charging a third misdemeanor DUI offense as a felony offense, or Aggravated DUI. Felony offenses involve prison time and if you are convicted, you will face a number of issues later in life.

A second offense extreme DUI (meaning a BAC level above .15%) requires a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 120 days, required alcohol classes, a mandatory IID attached to your steering wheel, and one year of license revocation. A second offense of a super extreme DUI (meaning a BAC level above .20%) holds a mandatory minimum sentence of 180 days in jail, and two years of an IID attached to your steering wheel.

Both forms of extreme DUI offenses involve costly fines above $3,000, which does not include court costs. Upon a third offense for extreme or super extreme DUI, the state can decide to pursue felony charges in the form of Aggravated DUI. In some circumstances, you may be charged with a 3rd offense extreme DUI which will still be a felony but involves sharply heightened fines.

The harsh punishments for a DUI, especially multiple DUIs, are a good reason why you should talk to our Phonix multiple DUI lawyers.

Why hire our multiple DUI lawyer?

The most important decision you can make after being arrested for multiple DUIs is to secure an attorney who understands this area of law and has the experience you need to get through this.

Could you handle this on your own? Possibly, but is the risk worth it?

If you are on this page, this is not your first DUI. Think back to the first (or second) time you went through this. Prosecutors are tough on DUI cases, and they are going to come out swinging on a multiple DUI case. It will be difficult for someone with no legal experience or training to assess the weaknesses and strengths of your case.

Craig Orent has more than 33 years of experience to bring to your side. His knowledge of DUI laws in Arizona is exactly what you need to get through this.

  • Craig’s philosophy is that each person should be represented in the same way he would represent a family member facing similar accusations. He will apply 100% of his energy to each case he handles.
  • Craig has worked both prosecuting cases and defending those accused of crimes. Having been on both sides, he has the ability to understand and anticipate the moves that prosecutors will make in your case.
  • Craig Orent has three decades of trial experience to put to work on your case.

What you need in a multiple DUI lawyer.

While prosecutors are typically willing to make a deal with first-time offenders, that is not likely to be the case for someone accused of a second or subsequent DUI. As you can see above, the consequences for those convicted of multiple DUIs are harsh.

Your multiple DUI attorney will work to:

  • Gather all evidence being used against you in this case. This includes the arrest reports, police dash or bodycam footage, and more.
  • Analyze all of the evidence and look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. This can include improperly conducted field sobriety tests, blood alcohol testing machines that are improperly maintained or calibrated, and inappropriate communication or interrogations.
  • Look for any violations of the rules concerning evidence and procedures.

A thorough and knowledgeable multiple DUI attorney can be intimidating to the prosecution. Craig Orent will whittle down the prosecution’s case by exploiting any weaknesses in their case. The goal is to prove you are not guilty of what you’ve been accused of to secure a lesser charge or even have the charges dropped altogether.

Aggravated DUI Offenses

Arizona lists an aggravated DUI as a felony charge which means you will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of four months for your conviction. Aggravated DUI offenses are typically what state attorneys turn to when prosecuting a multiple DUI offender.

Aggravated DUIs are classified as Class 4 felony crimes that have lengthy prison sentences and heightened fines. Felony convictions additionally stay on your record to haunt you the rest of your life and can impact your ability to seek employment, gain custody of your children, or even vote.

If your DUI becomes a felony.

Being charged with aggravated DUI is much more serious, making it even more vital to have a skilled attorney like Craig Orent by your side. He will vigorously defend you against these charges so you can avoid the minimum mandatory prison sentence associated with a felony DUI charge. These cases are where Craig’s trial experience will greatly benefit you.

Could I rely on a public defender?

You could stick with a public defender. Everyone has the right to an attorney when they have been charged with a crime. You do not get to choose your public defender, and you should know that most public defenders handle large caseloads. You do not want an attorney who is overworked and does not have the time to dedicate to your case.

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