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Posted on October 15, 2014 in Drug Myths,Drugs

Common Drug Testing Myths Explained

What is The Purpose of Drug Testing?

Drug testing is used to determine if specific drugs are present in a person’s body. Some of the most common reasons for testing include:

  • Pre-employment
  • Legal protocols during probationary period,
  • Reasonable suspicion

These tests attempt to ensure a specific candidate is healthy and at their best. However, for those involved in drug use, these tests can be someone’s worst nightmare. Therefore, some have created certain tactics in attempts to falsely pass drug tests, but do they really work?

The Top 5 Drug Testing Myths

The only way to surely pass a drug test is to not partake in drug activity. However, Phoenix criminal lawyer Craig Orent has come up with a list of the top five most common drug testing myths and the facts that disprove them.